Kelly Marie Welch

From my heart, to my words, to your ears

Why do kids hide behind things?


I don’t know why kids like to hide behind things.

                -Under things

                                -In things

Sometimes it can be frustrating

                -When you’re waiting


Raising your voice and -giving them a choice

“Come out now, I mean it, you’ll see!  Okay Now. Okay now…

I’m counting to three!”  And now, your typical “cool”, by this point – you’ve lost it.


Not this time and not this rhyme.

See, I felt my temperature rise when she rolled her eyes and squeezed her tiny little body behind the couch cushion.                   I wanted to be mad, but across my eyes I got this vision.

Of 5 ½ years ago, back when I was still just wishin….

                                                                And yearning, and pleading, and desperate for a baby…..

And then in my vision, I remember thinking, JUST MAYBE! Just maybe I’ll have a little girl and I’ll show her the ropes and I’ll show her the world. And I’ll bet she has a smile that lights up the room.  But I’ll be sure to tell her there are more important things than finding a groom. And I’ll tell her that in life, things will be un expected and that yes, sometimes, It.Will.Be.Hard.

But you keep your head up little girl! Because you, you’ve got something special inside. Because your creative and unique and your imagination is- so- wide. 

You’ve got stories and ideas and adventure and inventions,

and poetry, and plays and dances and good intentions.

And those things are special- they can take you anywhere. Like you could be on an African safari just sitting in our living room chair. And under the table, it’s a lavish castle, where you my dear, are the Queen!

And when you’re piling the pillows so high and climbing to the top, it’s like your- hanging out with Jack, climbing the BeanStalk.

And when its 10:30 at night and your hiding behind the couch cushion,

and I’m saying, “Come Out! And my patience you are pushin and pushin…..

And now we are back in the present and after my recent contemplation, I’m thinking, I shouldn’t be so mad, she’s just using her imagination.  Probably trying to be somewhere else, where it’s probably not bed time.

While it tests me and tries me and yes, drives me crazy, it’s also innocent and sweet and I shouldn’t let it phase me.  She’s just being a kid, and -bringing what kids bring.

And that’s the only reason I need, for why kids hide behind things.


Author: Kelly Marie Welch

"The robbed that smiles, steals something from the thief" - William Shakespear

9 thoughts on “Why do kids hide behind things?

  1. Love this post. I MUST reblog!

  2. Reblogged this on krissdusel and commented:
    If any of you are like me, you often forget that kids are just that – Kids! They can not wrap their minds around the “adult” world. My 5 year old daughter currently believes that her finding the perfect outfit to wear to daycare or grammas is way more important then me being late to work.

  3. This is so heart wrenching and beautiful, it literally brought tears of happiness to my eyes!

    • Aw! Thank you so much. I am humbled! In the midst of being a mom who teaches, my daughter teaches me each day. She provides endless inspiration.

      • You are so welcome, I have a son myself so your poem really hit home for me. I think people without kids could still read it and find it moving but I think there is just something about being a parent that makes us see and understand things in such a different way and your poem really captured the essence of this!

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